Word from the Founders

Latitude Five was set up in 2013 as a result of the merger of two individual consulting firms sharing an ambition to offer clients world-class advisory services directly from expert teams based in West Africa.

In Africa, as in other emerging markets, local knowledge and relationships are key for investors and operators to successfully develop a footprint, grow and succeed.

Latitude Five opened its first office in the central business district of Plateau in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire as a base to work across the region, providing extensive coverage in Francophone and Anglophone West Africa. Since then, through formal alliances with like-minded advisory firms, Latitude Five is also present in Lagos, Nigeria and in Johannesburg, South Africa. In service of its clients, Latitude Five also engages with a strong network of specialised local firms in each of the countries where it operates, and has built a strong and extensive network of associates in all professional services.

West Africa presents a variety of complex and often demanding operating environments, as well as opportunities for operators and investors.

Latitude Five believes in providing services to the highest standards, whatever the circumstances, and will always seek to propose the best combination of skills and access to achieve this, including through assignment-specific partnerships. This is done in an open and transparent manner, allowing clients to be fully aware of the work undertaken, contacts made and results attained, through systematic reporting and constant coordination. Very aware of the sensitive nature of the transactions and assignments it is involved with, Latitude Five complies with all principles of confidentiality and discretion in its communication with and on behalf of clients, and has implemented a number of procedures to ensure security of documents and archives.

Latitude Five also adheres to a strict code of conduct and the highest ethical standards. The firm is committed to fight corruption and support good governance in all of its actions. Latitude Five is not only subject to the strictest anti-bribery regulation, the UK Bribery Act, it has also implemented an internal anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy to be complied with by all employees and consultants.

Finally, Latitude Five confirms its dedication to West Africa and its markets of interest by participating in a number of events and initiatives focused on promoting these countries and sectors, developing and promoting best practices and sharing and strengthening know how. This includes presenting at events of interest as well as membership in industry groups and chambers of commerce.