Corporate Advisory

Latitude Five assists companies in assessing and conducting corporate transactions at all stages of growth.

Our role encompasses coordination with management and other advisers to define strategic objectives, identifying opportunities for external growth and devising and implementing the relevant corporate development programmes. Transactions include joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestments, restructuring and fundraisings of equity and/or debt.

Transformational programmes or transactions frequently represent a time of crisis for entities and their management: new strategies emerge; multiple interests collide rather than converge neatly; pressure increases on a small number of key actors, with a risk of disparity between their personal positioning and the strategic objectives pursued; time is always a factor, and more often than not a constraint.

A typical scenario is that of companies with limited resources, for which the conduct of such transactions, though absolutely necessary for growth, can put a strain on already stretched managers. By supplementing their internal resources and acting as interface between the client, their advisers and the counterparties, Latitude Five can take responsibility for the process to deliver a deal that achieves the client’s strategic goals.Latitude Five assiste les entreprises dans l’évaluation et la réalisation d’opérations de croissance.