Latitude Five assists investors entering new markets, by providing a clear understanding of the context in which they will invest, then planning and implementing investment transactions.

Identification of targets and key contacts generally requires integrating technical, strategic and legal input from the client company and other advisers. Aside from strategic input, Latitude Five’s role is to guide and coordinate these efforts, ensuring delivery of information and decision-making tools in the form agreed with the client. This can be a strategy memorandum, a presentation to decision-makers or transaction-focused guidelines. It is possible that in this instance it be advisable to supplement the client’s internal resources: drawing on a network of contacts, Latitude Five can identify suitable resources. This can also lead to targeted due diligence as well as pre-transaction analysis to define strategic objectives, identify opportunities for growth and devise and implement a development strategy.

Subsequently, as investments are realised, continued asset management support allows clients to identify areas of concern as well as new opportunities, and to focus efforts and resources on the aspects that will sustain long-term growth. We assist clients in the development of appropriate monitoring tools, tailored to a project and its context, to assess effective progress and key performance indicators.

On a case by case basis, Latitude Five can act as sponsor and co-investor of projects. Whilst investors and operators recognise the benefits of developing their activities in West Africa, the complex and challenging environment too often hinders their ability to source and execute the appropriate projects. Leveraging its knowledge of local markets, Latitude Five unlocks opportunities by providing proprietary resources and expertise to structure and develop high growth ventures in West Africa.